Your All in One Recovery Supplement 

Salvo Labs Recovery



Our potent recovery blend of Carbohydrates, Branch Chain Amino Acids, Glutamine and CBD Isolate will aid in your recovery from everyday worker to weekend warrior to professional athlete.


Using CBD for focus and concentration helps your endocannabinoid system not by bonding with its receptor sites directly, but by encouraging the production of your body's naturally occurring endocannabinoids so it has the materials it needs to function better.


Enriched with immunity boosting vitamin complex and beta alanine, you will be able to crush your workout, workday and the weekend. 

I've been looking for a one stop shop for a true recovery supplement. This is it!! Delicious and it works amazing!.

Desi V.

I'm a RN and I take this for so many reasons! Focus and energy for sure and not to mention the immunity boost!! LOVE LOVE IT!

Kristina H.

I use this specifically for dealing with inflammation. It has been amazing and don't know where I'd be without it!!

Jacqueline I.